This Full Scholarship Event ($997 Value) in SAN DIEGO is LIMITED SEATING due to the personal attention attendees will receive.

Master Yourself, Lead Your Tribe, Change the World 

November 14 - 16, 2019

Join us for…

Awakening the Leader Within LIVE

at the gorgeous Hyatt Mission Bay and Spa in San Diego, CA Where You’ll…

  • Up-level Mindset and Energy
  • Master Manifestation
  • Increase Your Wealth


DAY 1: Master your Life Vision Map & Experience a Mindset & Energetic Upgrade to make your big dreams a reality

DAY 2: Master Manifestation & Up-level Wealth Consciousness to double your income with ease

DAY 3: Master Leadership Skills so you can have the impact and influence you've always wanted

Special Guests

David Corbin

Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Erik Swanson

Founder of Habitude Warrior Conference & Best Selling Author

Mary Fain Brandt

CEO of The LinkedIn Bakery

Nicole Treadaway and Bo L. Nielsen

Sound and Movement Healing Performers

Our Promises…

to YOU at

Awakening the Leader Within LIVE

1. Upgrade Your Energetic Frequency To Play Life At A Higher Level

2. Learn To Manifest With Unstoppable Power (get access to the #1 secret experts won't share)

3. Raise Your Wealth Consciousness To Double your Income, and Create more Life Abundance

4. Become A Leader Who Inspires And Influences Others to Attract Followers and Business with ease

5. Release Confusion and Overwhelm to Vision Your Way to Success

6. Crush Self-Doubt & Upgrade Your Outdated Belief Systems so you Become Unstoppable

7. Open the Door for Personal Healing & Happiness

7. Create a plan to become a sought after expert in 2020

Join us…

Stacey Ellen

Stacey Ellen

Stacey Ellen

A Journey Into Profound Transformation And Awakened Leadership 

A Note From Stacey...

Growing up I never saw myself as a leader.  I went to 6 elementary schools and 2 high schools and became a people pleaser early on to fit in. After college I got into corporate sales thinking that would make me successful and financially free. After continuously working 70 hour weeks I was exhausted and unfulfilled within.  I knew something had to change and there was something bigger for me to contribute with my strengths.

It wasn’t until I moved to San Diego and hired my own coaches that I awakened my own confidence and moved through my own beliefs and outdated programming holding me back.  I needed to step into my own leadership capabilities in order for me to create my own thriving business.

If I can do this, so can you. I’m going to teach you exactly how to move through your perceived limitations and get out of overwhelm, stress and confusion. You can feel good, shine bright with your gifts AND create financial freedom in your business.

About Stacey

Stacey Ellen trains entrepreneurs how to master heart-centered leadership and move through old programming so they heal, create financial wealth, and live abundant lives.  She believes that as you heal and master yourself, your inner light shines brighter and ripples out to help heal the planet.

Over the years of training hundreds of men and women and getting behind their dreams, she also understands the importance of connecting men and women so there's more unity and compassion on this planet.

Stacey is a Reiki Master, a Certified Business Coach, Author, and speaks on stages worldwide. She helps her clients heal, awaken their power, and create multiple 6-figure businesses. 
Awaken the Leader Within raises money to help our youth create programs in their schools around self-mastery and leadership development.

If she can do it…so can you!

Join us to Awaken Your Leader Within LIVE, 
Live in Southern California.

Our Unconditional Guarantee to You

I’m confident that the tools you’ll get will be worth at least 10 times what you’ll invest to attend our event. And, if something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us LIVE… You may transfer your registration to a future Awaken The Leader Within Live event. You are also welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place.

There is zero risk for you to attend this event and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What People Say

Who are LEADERS IN personal growth & LEADERSHIP

What People Say

Who Have Heard Stacey Speak on stage

“She spoke about mindset, leadership, self-empowerment and how to become the best versions of ourselves while balancing life and business. What's different about Stacey is that she had a great deal of fun energy and a heart-centered approach that kept us engaged while we learned some new practices.”

Robin Duffy, Administrative Partner, Global Marketing, Illumina

“Stacey is a strong, dynamic speaker and is passionate about helping others fine tune the elements in their life through her RECIPE.”

Nichole Peterson
Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Hire Stacey! Seriously, Hire her! She will help your products and service be in super demand, just like she is. She has our vote and that’s why we always add her to our speaker lineup to wow the crowd in each city of the United States and Canada we visit. The audience always loves her energy and actionable steps she provides. Thanks Stacey!  You are truly an amazing speaker and trainer.”

Erik Swanson

CEO Habitude Warrior Conferences, Best Selling Author, Trainer

“I appreciate your honest and warm introduction to the group, and sharing your vulnerability and true on-going transformation. We were all inspired and excited to hear what you had to say, and motivated even more to continue our paths and to work daily on our own transformations and changes! YOU ROCK lady!”

Carmenza David, Owner, San Diego Business Connections 

“Her ability to “read” her audience and to keep them engaged is outstanding.  Stacey has demonstrated exceptional empathetic listening skills as she interacted with the audience. In turn, this displayed her deep subject matter knowledge and research, adding much value to her presentations.”

Harvey Daniels, Human Resource Professional

“The best part of her presentation was when she spoke about her auto accident and how she overcame the adversity of that happening and remained open to attract and be love.”

Adam Goodson
Entrepreneur, Owner Men’s Group

What People Say 

Who Have wOrked with stacey

Stacey is my secret weapon!

She helped me overcome obstacles, attract opportunities, and dramatically increase my income. I went from living a boring life to moving to my dream city and creating my dream business.


Working with Stacey has been truly life changing.

We covered everything from body image and confidence issues, healing around loving and honoring one’s self, to career and lifestyle makeover. I started my own business and within 6 months had more clients than I could handle and now running a million dollar company. Stacey has a unique skill set crossing personal coaching talent with a keen sense for business and it was just what I needed.


Over the last 6 months I became more fulfilled in life, health and connecting with my own energy. I even broke the record of the 100K...

I moved from Switzerland with my wife and had a fear of failing in life and business. Stacey and I covered everything from personal growth to confidence and how to network and grow my network. Over the last 6 months I became more fulfilled in life, health and connecting with my own energy. I even broke the record of the 100K expectation in my company and brought in over a million in Technology sales.


Through the last 4 months I have doubled the amount of sales contracts and clients and expanded and created another revenue stream...

Stacey’s style is personal, direct, and what I liked the most is that she listens without judgment and helped me gain courage to better manage my finances and staff. And through the last 4 months I have doubled the amount of sales contracts and clients and expanded and created another revenue stream adding translation services to my notary business. I have now built strategic relationships and partnerships that help me keep a full funnel AND I have doubled my income.


I am blown away by how she weaved together my deep psychological issues and self-stuff with the in the moment work advice and general what-to-do-with-life-this-week guidance..

Stacey has a high level of integrity and a heart centered approach to mentoring as well as clear guidelines to keep you accountable in your life and business goals. I am blown away by how she weaved together my deep psychological issues and self-stuff with the in the moment work advice and general what-to-do-with-life-this-week guidance. There is an incredible set of thinking skills that she possesses that set her a apart from anyone I’ve worked with in the past.



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